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Learn the trends and connect with the right Players.

What are the predictions for the next years?

To maintain your position in the market you have to adopt technology earlier then your competitors. You have to compete with superfast disruptors, especially when the players are coming from a different sector or a completely new industry. Learn the impact to your business model!

Start your disruptive tour to the Silicon Valley

Immersion tours to the Silicon Valley are an eye-opener and help you to understand the need for change. The real change begins back in your company - the blueprint is a guidance through. Get in touch for more Information. Actvide will organize your trip, scedules the right partners for you in place and activate its network.

Your C-suite team will bring an individual innovation blueprint back home. 

Actvide teaches you

Leapfrog innovation

Get to know the leading edge of the game-changers in Silicon Valley. Learn from the best and start partnering the right way. 

Adapt change

New technologies are arising at an astonishing pace and encompass so many different aspects within a company that guidance is needed. Learn the trends and connect with the right Players. 

Find the right culture

Tomorrow's problems can't be solved with today's thinking. Learn to ask the right questions and how to adapt change from the inside and the outside. Transform innovation into an opportunity for your Business.