Innovation Ecosystem


Start partnering the right way and bring innovation into your business. Here, in Europe or in Silicon Valley!

Do you encourage a culture of Innovation?

To connect with startups and early-stage technology companies is a possible first step of a long journey. 

However, the journey starts way before - within the culture of an organization. C-Suite has to learn how to deal with risk, with pivoting, with fast decisions, with new ways of collaboration and role modelling. Learn how to challenge the organization, how to give room for innovation and how to adapt new ways of thinking.


Give innovation a fixed place within your organization -
but don't leave it alone there!

Bring Startups together with experienced leaders.

To accelerate the progress allow the people to mingle around.  

Building Bridges

Actvide builds bridges to these advantages, opens doors for your company and plays a key role in leading and directing you on this disruptive road.

Guidance and Process Reliability

Activde is giving you guidance and process reliability. Not only to keep the full management attention for innovative plans, but rather to ensure the commitment within the whole company. 

International Network

Actvide helps you to get access to a first-rate network. Go and create your own Innovation lab.

Cultivate the network with Actvide. We guide you in every step of the way.

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