Advisory and Management


With Actvide you can learn how the technology shift impacts your business and how you can react on. Actvide will help your organization to achieve the greatest profitability by combining your business knowledge with the opportunities of digitalization. 

Advisory for key decisions

Change affects all of your businesses and functions. 

Actvide advises you on key decisions and enables you transform your business with the right managerial tools and practices. Expand your internal executive knowhow during the Transformation. Profit from insights around the startup scene. Learn how to assess their value.

Years of experience

Founder Damir Bogdan is specialized in ICT and in particular the banking sector, where he leaded succesfully the IT for the third largest bank in Switzerland. With his strong leadership skills he will face the challenges in your organization. The guidance trough the urgent need for Innovation affects all management levels, key people and your partners. Damir Bogdan will meet you on an equal footing.

Speed of change has never been so fast -
ut at the same time,
it will never be as slow as today.