What Actvide can do for you


Actvide is a consulting company, focusing on C-Level, offering an outside-in perspective on your approach to Digitalization and Innovation and helping you to effectively engage these challenges.

Technological change affects all of your businesses and functions. Actvide advises you on key decisions and enables you to transform your business.

Actvide helps you and your C-suite lead change and find the right culture to transform innovation into a business opportunity, learn to ask the right questions and how to adapt to change.

Innovation spans across technologies, industries and markets. With Actvide you access innovation ecosystems or grow your own.

Immersion tours within the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem are an eye-opener. You will learn how to read the signals that are all around us and how to interprete them.

Tomorrow's problems can't be solved with today's thinking. Learn about the driving forces behind technological disruption and how they affect your business  

Companies need to adapt the ability to react quickly to new developments

The speed of current breakthroughs has no historical precedent. It is disrupting virtually every industry worldwide.


The world is changing.  

Just about every individual, company and sector of the economy now has access to digital technologies. Adapting these technologies isn't just a new "release" in the existing landscape or business model. Digitalization affects the core values of many industries and the way they do business - starting with the interaction with its customers, their products and services and new operating models.


Mastering flexibility, speed and agility will be key to success in the era of Digitalization. Companies with these abilities will quickly adapt quick to the new challenges and challengers.



New collaboration approaches are key within the company as well as in the interaction with others. Traditional institutes are competing against smaller, combative companies over who will manage their customers in the future. This fierce competition is producing exciting innovations that are having a massive impact on the way to do approach these kinds of companies. 


New collaboration models demand for a cultural shift. Cutting edge innovation and a growing rebellious "challenger" attitude in enterprise are sure to force a new company cultures.


The 2nd wave of digitalization – more impact, less disruption



October, 2018
The louder you voice your opinions, the higher your chances of being heard. This fact isn’t just true in nature, for it also applies to our news coverage. Action, drama and tragedy - they sell better than other types of news. A failing startup or a fraud-case involving a startup immediately receives media-coverage (Contovista, Cardano, …). An accident with a self-driving car occupies the worldwide news for days. Progress in AI always goes hand in hand with the question of job reduction and ethics. No attention given to the millions of other “old world” accidents or cases of fraud that happen across the globe each day: The Media focuses on the failure of the NEW, the unknown. Despite the fact that most of them are only waiting for something to happen, at least an extensive coverage of startups, blockchain, AI, 3D-printing, etc. is ensured. But the real disruptors stay unseen…
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FinTech is dead - long live TechFin! Let me explain directly from Singapore...

March, 2018
Singapore struck you from the first moment you arrive: Brett King and I both agreed that it is the most futuristic looking city worldwide. But is this just facade or is the future reality already? The opening session already made it clear: Simpler - Securer – Faster. This is where the new world of finance is aiming at. But where are we today? Read more

"Mind the Gap!"


November, 2017

Startups operate on just one principle: "GROW AND GROW FAST"! If you stick to this rule, avoid getting bogged down or taking an early turn, then hopefully your success will soon result in the word "SOLD" embellishing your logo! Yet, your path towards this goal includes numerous gaps that need to...

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Money2020 Europe: 10 Personal Take-Away’s - and One Recommendation...


June, 2017

Inspiring, collaborative, creative, evangelistic, open, innovative, emotional!, forward-looking, holistic - just like the future of the banking industry!
Let's boil these three days down to one point...

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